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Maru-san Media is a film production company based in Oslo. We offer film production services to local and foreign companies, location scouting, archive research, and still photography. We know the A to Z work flows in almost all kind of media, but we specialise in  Tv commercials, documentaries, music videos and Social media.


Producer Maru Sánchez has extensive experience as a freelancer in the film industry in Mexico since 1997 and in Norway since 2009. She holds a bachelor's degree in Social Anthropology and a diploma in Film Theory from Universidad Veracruzana, plus a master's degree in Documentary and Journalism from Volda University College.


The projects she has been involved in range from short films, feature films, TV series, commercials, documentaries and podcasts. She has worked as production manager, 1st AD and coordinator, but has also directed, photographed and edited documentaries.


Maru-san Media intends to use Maru's experience and language skills in Spanish, Norwegian and English to produce meaningful projects with high artistic value involving experienced and emerging talents to make media products in both the film and video game industries.


As of now, Maru-san Media has several projects in the pipeline. We are making commercials for several clients, as well as co-producing Cancuncito, a Mexico-Norway feature film and More than a Museum, a Spanish documentary about the Munch Museum and Oslo as a sustainable city.

Maru-san Media AS
Org. number 931042130
Tel. +47 9082 5133

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