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* Promoting yourself and your art. 1 minute video workshop. Her og der, organisation for artist who recently arrive to Norway.

* How to run a film set. Who is and what does a 1st. Ad. Workshop as Invited teacher to the Danvik Folkehøgskolen. Internasjonalt Mediesenter. Drammen, Norway.
* Who is and what does a media producer? Seminar and workshop. Cuernavaca, Morelos, México.

 * Finding your vision. Workshop with Rebecca Norris-Webb and Alex Webb. Lumina Gallery. Oslo, Norway.
* Learn to make podcasts that work. Workshop. Norwegian Institute of Journalism. Oslo, Norway.
* Interactive Documentary Workshop. Visions du reel & University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland.
* Documentary photography with Stuart Franklin, from Magnum Agency. Volda University College. Volda, Norway.
* Seminar. How to Survive as a Documentary filmmaker by Alan Rosenthal. Film workers Norwegian Asociation and Jar Film Studios. Akershus, Norway.
* Norwegian languaje course at Rosenhoff School. Voksenopplæring i Oslo, Norway. B3.
* International Co-Production Seminar for Audiovisual Producers. Universidad de Las Americas. Puebla, México.* Marketing, Sales & Film Distribution Seminar and Script Analysis & Projects Presentation Seminar. Universidad de Las Americas. Puebla, México.
* Film and Paint at Vanguard Era Seminar. Instituto Mexicano de Cinematogafía and Cineteca Nacional, México.


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