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Dalia Huerta Cano

Director of short documentaries, essays, poems, experimental and fictional films. She has collaborated in art and film projects as an editor and photographer. She has taken film courses in Mexico, Holland, Germany and Cuba. She is interested in the anatomy of the body, objects, memories, emotions and animals. Her work has been selected, exhibited and awarded in international festivals. Have a look to her fantastic films here:

Alicia F D A Johnsen

Short film director and animator. Bouncing between live action and hand-drawn animation, her passion lies in telling stories of emotion in the format that fits them best.

Her short films have been part of the official selections of The INDIS Film Festival, Depict Short Film Festival, Fredrikstad Animation Festival , Monstra Lisbon Animation Festival, and Animex 2022, with special mentions from Depict! and Monstra.

Alicia is currently based in Oslo, and her student shorts from University for the Creative Arts, UK, have travelled the globe.

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